How to set floor for a ecpm value in admob 2018


As all of us know that admob has launched a new version and to practice few experiments as stated in the qoute below you have to know how to set floor a ecpm value.

In Text :
The following video talks about how you can set floor for ecpm value in admob new version first of all you need to have an admob account and after creating an admob account you need to add your app, after adding a respective app, you should create ad unit and after creating an ad unit you have to go for mediation tab.After, opening the mediation tab you have to create a new mediation group.While creating mediation group select a platform as Android and the respective ad type as banner or interstitial .After that you have to select an ad unit and to do so you have to click add ad units then you will see a popup where different apps that you created and different ad units will be displayed.Select the ad units for which you want to set floor for ecpm value.Now, you will see a ad source card .You can add more than one ad network for the respective ad units or else you can leave it as it is.Click Real time below ecpm value where it shows edit button and it will Trigger a popup where you have to enable set floor option and then you can add a custom amount for your ecpm value.
Note:It’s better to analyze the best ecpm value for your location before setting a floor.

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Do we need to change ad code in thunkable also or not.because it has no effect in my earning .
If i enable ecpm today tomorrow it will be disable why?


No, there is no necessity to change the code (ad id) because it remains the same.May be any minor or silly mistake is the reason behind disabling your ecpm value.Because, as far as I remember this situation has never take placed with me.


the effect of the mediation group, 1-2 week
If you create a mediation group, there will be no change in the 1-2 of the day, but the process takes 1-2 of the week