How to set Button visible after timer end


How can I set a button like this image…After 15 minutes this button visible again for once.after complete the task the button again invisible for 15 minutes… How can I code this in thunkable…please help
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[RE]- how to enable and disable the buttons?

Hi… Use clock component with 1000ms, a button initially disabled and use the following block.

I checked it for 2 mins, you can change it according to your requirement.
TimerButton.aia (3.1 KB)



Thanks Ravi bro for your reply…Its really work for me…
But I want the button 1st time active after I lunch my apps…but when I click the button and go anather activity screen and when back the 1st activty screen then I want the button invisible for 2 mins

I just want the button active automatically once after the two minute and the user see the button visible for every lunch in the app…


use this block with initialize values of timer


please help

its work also when i exit or press home ,power button


thank you


thanks for information , but if i want to make button will visible after every 7 days then it work for that condition,
and when we exit application or internet then timer will work plz help me out… ??


how to store it in tinyDB there for when user clear or come out from the app it will running on background?


Is this works if i use for more than 1 hours.


i can help you for this …


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If you need aia. i can provide you …

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