How to see extension blocks in my project? [ SOLVED ]

After installing TaifunWiFi aix file extensions in MIT App Inventor 2 I can see the Taifun extension label in the Designer page, but I can’t see it in the Blocks page. What I have to do to can use Taifun extensions with blocks programming ? Thanks all!

As you do with other components, drag it into your screen working area and then you will be able to use it in blocks page…


Thank you Boban for your answer, but maybe I wasn’t enough clear, I cannot see/access the Taifun components in the Blocks page so I cannot drag and drop nothing. I can see only the TaifunWiFi extension label in the Designer page.

To get blocks to show for buttons, you must drag a button component from the designer pallette into the work area (gold phone). This is just an example.

This is the same with extensions: put your mouse over the extension’s name, click and drag it into the work area (gold phone) it will then show under the “non-visible” components label under the work area. You should then be able to use the blocks in the blocks editor.

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Ok, this is not a Taifun extensions problem. With the my MIT App Inventor 2 project in the designer palette of the Blocks components I can’t see the “Extensions” components but I can see only the “Built-in”, “Screen1” and “Any Components” components. Instead in the designer palette of the Designer page I can see a lot of components and here there is also the “Extensions” with the TaifunWiFi components.

If I load the Taifun Wire example project (and other AIAs projects) I can see between the designer palette of the Blocks components the TaifunWiFi components ready to be dragged and used.
Sorry, but I’m new in using the terms of your development systems.

When using extensions - or any component for that matter - you have to drag and drop, from the palette on the left to the phone screen in the middle. Once you have done this the components will be displayed in the components list like so:


OK !!! Thank a lot Domhnall this is the solution to my problem.

Sorry, but this is the first time that I have used extensions and I thought erroneally that after an extension installation you would automatically see the extension’s components directly in the palette of the Blocks page just as for the palette of the Designer page and dragging them …

Ok, now it’s clear, I have to use the TaifunWiFi components just like I have made with timers, Web and tinyDB components,etc. they are invisible so, before to use them, in the Designer page you must drag it into your project area and after to switch in the Blocks page.

Thank another time to you and to all other guys that I was not able to understand.Thunkable site and your help is very important for all us.

I’ve solved it! :relaxed::slight_smile: