How To save the dropdown data (spinner) In database (firebase or airtable)

Hi eveyone
Hope you have a good day
May I know how to save dropdown or the sipner or the list picker data in firebase or airtable?
We are currently working on a feedback app and we want the names and the feed back to be saved and for the names we are selcting dropdown (Spinner) or the list picker because there are many teams and names.
Please don’t hesitate to ask about more details (We are using xThunkable)
please share a video link if it’s useful we are for now basic app maker and we can learn from video faster
Thanks, thunkable community

Hi @Farhad_heydari :wave:

I’m a bit confused by your question. You say you’re using #thunkable-cross but you’ve posted in #thunkable-extensions?

Also, in relation to your question:

Thunkable X has a List Viewer component, but there’s no drop down or spinner available as yet.