How to save google map markers on map?


is there a way to save google map markers to tiny web db after adding it on the map and show the markers on the map when the screen initialize? if you guys know the answers please reply me as soon as possible thank you !


Plese inform if you find the solution. Thank you


Have you checked out the sample mapping app here:


hi EdenRossa, i have already found the solution. You have to make a subroutine by yourself since thunkable doesn’t provide the function and the subroutine relate to loop. here are my code, and if you got any problem you could ask me. Oh BTW, while you added the new markers on map, you have to add the markers’ latitude to variable global lat’s list as well as add marker’s longitude to variable global lng’s list. hope this can solve your problem good luck!


Thanks a lot for your reply. Unfortunately i’m using thunkable x :frowning:


it’s the same theory, you have to make good use of loop. Could you take the picture of your code?