How to save a list on a web DB into a tiny DB



I saved a list with tiny web DB with 14 elements and when I tried to load it up again on a different device but it turned itself into a row of text and I don’t know how to turn that row of 14 pieces of text into a list and save it onto a tiny DB :confused:


Show also the blocks you used to save and call data .




It’s a horrible snip , sorry


Sorry , I thought it was a tiny Db, I don’t know web db.
Anyway you can show me this row? You tried to save valueFromWebDB in a list before select the single value?


Yes I did I found out the tiny DB and tiny Web DB worked differently so I packaged in one app and unpacked in the other app , I used a list to package and I used the index to find the item in the list and then save it on to a variable so the app will check for new data then only to upload it :sweat_smile: