How to restrict screenshot


How to restrict screenshot.
Or how to save an other image instead of the image on screen if user uses the screenshot option

Suggestion - Option to prevent screenshot on thunkable X


I searched for my question before asking. Please provide me search link if you have any. Thanks


Hi @indian

I’m not aware of any component or extension that does this. I know that any of the banking apps I’ve used block screenshots, but these would obviously be made in Android Studio.



Can we access the keycodes.


Sorry, I do not know how to answer the question.

It is possible after the screenshot taken by the person to change the screen.

ex: it takes a screenshot of the screen with the name “tree” after the sreenchot the screen changes the name to “water”


do we have a solution now :slight_smile:


Its a good resource, we can put any image when anyone try take a screenshoot… maybe have a message in this screenshoot or only a black screen… =)