How to refresh one screened app after clicking button etc?


Hello thunkers,

I had made one screened app ( using different arrangements on and off). I want to show data from spreadsheet automatically or after pressing “refresh button”. I used "Open another screen(screen name) blocks but not works. I used “Swipe to refresh extension ( Both “compressed” and “Stable” versions )”, but after using this extension,my app screen show white ( Blank ) screen and I removed it. Please anybody help me how to refresh the app screen.

Thanks in advance.


Hello @bijayapaudel

This :point_down: reply by @Mika can help you :+1:


would you like to share aia file for your project


This can help you!


Thank you very much @Vaibhav_Patil for your reply. I had tried this but not succed. It populates some error.


Thank you very much @Kiranmadde for your reply. Actually I had asked that question and still not getting any response there… :slight_smile:


what kind of error? @bijayapaudel


@Vaibhav_Patil, thank you very much ! My problem was solved by using your advice . Thank you very much @Mika for your explanation. But still I want functional “Swipe to refresh” extension for my project.


Good to know that your problem got solved and your app started working. :grinning:
I haven’t used swipe refresh extension in any of my project, so unable to tell much about it.


Dear Brother

I can’t find on my thunkable so can u create video for me?

Thanks so much


what you can’t find?


I can’t do the button refresh screen and i saw image above but when i find it on my Thunkable app can’t see **

call open and to open do




They are not any specified blocks! It is just a procedures block which is dragged from the procedure section of the block editor and then is renamed as ‘open’.

More details on procedures :point_right:

As you are newly joined I recommend you to go through thunkable docs here :point_down: :point_right: For Android only

And :point_right: For both Android and iOS

Also, there are many video tutorials on Thunkable YouTube Channel.

Just go through all of these (If not) to become familiar with this awesome platform. :slight_smile: :+1: