How to put any admob ads


I have mine set up, just a question. Do i need the clock if i just want to initialize the banner add when they initialize the screen?


You don’t have to have it, but it can take a few seconds to load the ads, especially the first time your app loads, so your users can end up looking at a blank rectangle at the top or bottom of their screen.

Give it a try and go for whatever you think works best.


No you don’t need the Clock but assuming at the time the screen initialize, there is a poor or slow data/internet connection, the banner ads will not load and it might not load until the screen is initialized again or the app is closed and opened again. so if the user was spending 10 minutes in your app and accidentally the network connection was bad during screen initialize, it means the ads will not load for that 10 minutes until the app is restarted again.

But setting the clock to load the ads when the screen initializes and disabling it when the ads have been loaded will ensure even if the network was bad, the clock event will keep trying to load the ads and will only stop if the ads is loaded.
You can then use if ads is loaded event to disable the Clock. (Hope this helped)

Happy Thunking!


When I export my apk I disable test mode on admob component?


Yes, if you are releasing it publicly, such as the Google Play Store.

If you are testing the app, then no, leave test mode enabled

Remember, never click the adverts yourself.


Many thanks Conor :smiley:


Hi im thunker from indonesia, i have succed to put bannner in my apps, but i still confuse how to create interstitial ads or use firebase can anyone help me to get guide or video tutorial for it, thanks

yay…my admobs run and hit counter it start to make money, Btw this is Si Obot in English version publish and upload today to playstore…thanks Thunkable


Hey, I was wondering if it was possible to put more than one banner ad on a screen?
just as an experiment


You can put more than 1 admob banner on the same screen , just remember if you are testing it then turn on the test mode, or you will end up with a banned account :smile:


just say why there is only banner and interstitial ads while there is 4 ads unit from admob…:sweat_smile:


The admob component is still in its beta phase. Plus, the interstitial ad suffices for the Rewarded video and Native ad types. The team may add these in the future.


can you tell us how the rewards from the rewarded video work on thunkable?


Helios already answer that Bro…


I have done as suggested with much gratitude but still no “cigars”. See my code snippet below. I also put everything in test mode.

S.o.S. I can PM my aia file to you if you give me your PM handle. The app is working ok except for the adMob component and that is why I am posting that section of the code which is the new addition. I have also double-checked my ad unit ID and it is correct.



Problem solved! It ad nothing to do with my code but all to do with not paying attention to completing the setup. I had not supplied my payment information during adMob accout setup and thus no ads were displaying. Now that I have done that, ads are now showing up. Thanks to all for your patience and readiness to help. Cheers!


Why i not get adsmob option Uploading…


i can`t see admob in Experimental Palette
plz!!! Answers


Please use the search button and you will find your answer! This has been asked so many times in he past few days.

Please read the community guidelines as well:


but you cant set up payment form unless u reach threshold? is it correct.
and i really think it is nothing to do with ads show on apps.


Hey sir ! In this point I’m not sure, Can you show me the code ?