How to optimize app and get rid of out of memory?


Is it possible to optimize the app while running because its causing out of memory?
Can we optimize it by setting image to none and set it back to image on button press?
Will this help to get rid of out of memory ?


One of the several reason for out of memory error is the screens remain open while switching from one screen to other (In my case this was the problem).

The solution that worked for me :point_down:

Also here is another solution :point_down:

Consider image resizing if you are using many images. It may help :slight_smile: :+1:


i am using many images in html does it consume high memory. And i am using 2 screen 1 for splash and another main with vertical and horizontal arrangement


Two screens shouldn’t be the problem, but high quality images can be the problem.


follow tip 1 and tip 2



can image from html will also consume more memory ?


Hello @arbn

Out of Memory issues are mostly while switching the screen’s and the Images resolution, to avoid issue with screen switching you can try this: Open and Close screens at the same time
To avoid image issues, you can try this: Help! App closes