How to open external links within WebViewer in an external app?


Hi there! I have a question about opening external link from WebViewer, and I think that you can help me… The scenario is: clicking a Google Maps link on a web page, and automatically opening it into the official Google Maps application. I have a web page with a button that redirect to a GMaps navigation link. If I use it on Google Chrome or other web browsers, they open the official maps app, only on the first time they prompt you to select with which maps app open it. So, if I try doing this with a normal WebViewer on Thunkable, the browser redirect directly to the GMaps site, like on desktop browser. How could I fix it? Maybe an activity starter could help? Thanks in advance!


Hi and welcome to Thunkable,

If you are new to Thunkable I recommend you to check out the awesome Thunkable Docs – every block and component is described there and you find lots of tips and tricks.

For your problem you could try to use some blocks like:

or set up an activity starter and Google Maps scheme with parameters:

These blocks are not complete but maybe it gives you an idea how to do it.


Thanks a lot!! And where should I put this IF method? Into a timer that fires every tot seconds? Or there is a method that listen directly to the url of the webview?


Good question :wink: I use the webviewer extensions so much that I forgot about the regular webviewer not having such an option :sweat_smile: You could use a clock that fires every second or something but I would use this extension together with its “OnLoadingStarted” block:

Hope this helps! Happy THUNKing!


Thanks! It really helps :muscle: :ok_hand: