How to move back an app to Appinventor

As it is already confirmed Thunkable classic is going to be closed soon, i was trying to move back my app to AppInventor but when i import the Thunkable AIA to app inventor y do have two issues:
1.- App Inventor does not support google maps. Is there any way to install thunkable google maps functionality to app inventor using an extension?
2.- AppInventor complains that my app is using forms version 25 and appinventor newest known forms version is 24. Any way to overcome this?
Thanks so much!

I recommend you move to Kodular instead (FYI: Kodular and AppyBuilder are merging).

The point is that AppInventor is more restricted than Thunkable is, while Kodular is more extensive that Thunkable.

I got this “version 25 complaint” thing a few times, but have yet to see what actual problem that could bring.

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Is there anyone who can help? I’m also facing this problem.

Is your app still working despite the warning message?
Mine did.
So if all you got is this warning message, keep going.
Or consider moving to Kodular/AppyBuilder, since App Inventor does not support AdMob, so you may have some components that don’t work.

No, can not be loaded at all in AI. Thunkable team, at their official statement, proposed to go back to AI but this can not be done.

AppyBuilder joined Kodular.

Thanks so much,
I already moved my app to Kodular and is quite straight forward. Only some adjustments required on Google maps blocks

Why do you think I put a “/” instead of “or”?

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This was very helpful, thanks for the answer!

Also the official statement does not propose to move to Kodular.Screenshot%20from%202019-10-02%2010%3A46%3A45