How to make the playing icon up to the telephone


I’m creating a radio application in streaming a radio.
how to play the game icon up to the phone when it lowers the application screen or when it is ready? I understand that this is a notification but I can not understand how. Push notifications work well, so do not know anyone can help you?


is there any reason you use caps lock…? It is easier to read if you use normal wording and also more likely users will reply to you if you do so :wink:


thank you


I’m new how can I do to get someone to answer me?


I’m not sure, if I understand the question, but @Andres_Cotes new notify extension might be able to help


Provide much detail and add images/screenshots/… to make people understand what you want. You can find useful tips how to ask great questions in this topic:


Hi @I_Neomelodici_Club, welcome to the Thunkable community, thanks for your question.

Here’s a short tutorial about creating a radio streaming app:

To learn more about buffering take a look at this post:


tank you


thanks but it is not what I was looking for now I organize and set the screen


thank you you have solved my doubt that for some time I went crazy thanks :slight_smile: