How to make Progress bar for webviewer


Necessary Materials
1x Label
1x Webviewer
1x Extended Webviewer Extension By @ILoveThunkable & @Sivagiri_Visakan (Click to download)

1-Set Align Horizontal to Left
2-Add Label And Webviewer to Screen
3-Set Label Width percent : 1
4-Set Label height pixel: Preferably 10
5-Delete texts on label
6-Change background color
7-Set webviewer height and widht to fill parent
8-Add your link to webviewer
9-Upload And Add Extended Webviewer Extension to Screen
Design part completed I’ll go to the coding


Sorry :confused: videos deleted
here blocks image

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[Free] Extended Web Viewer Extension
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You can also use the native material progress bar from my ExtraComponents Extension.


Nice snippet ! :wink:


Nice snippet ! :wink:

Thanks :slight_smile:


Also, notice, that I & @Sivagiri_Visakan created this extension, you should give credits to him too.


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Thank you.


It always shows 100%


see here…

It would really help if you provided a screenshot of your relevant blocks, so we can see what you are trying to do, and where the problem may be.



Problem solved. :slight_smile:

After making some changes now progress bar will be visible when we click a link and progress value is >=1 and <=100. when progress value reaches 100, progress bar will be invisible.

Progress Bar Problem.......?!?

it is very simple you have need to download external webviewer

[Free] Extended Web Viewer Extension
Progress bar problem solved very simple

what link should i include in the home url of the web viewer?


you can add a site you want


this blocks are awesome bro op needs to modify his blocks.
op and vivek


is there not a code one can just copy and paste?


this is crap… i think my users are gonna have to manage waiting for without seeing a progress bar. I tried this and the whole app looked crappy. extendedwebview is not a go


Fake extention



Do you have access to the website your linking to? My workaround was to install a plugin in my website to show a loading page and not the app itself.