How to Make Money From Your Thunkable App


Another video that has been widely requested, both in the community and on YouTube, this video demonstrates how to take your first steps with AdMob and start generate revenue from your app.

Thanks to @Jeremy_Prichard for the rewarded video tip, and @djcasper for suggesting to use the test IDs.

How to use StartApp ads in Thunkable please give me answera
How can we add rewarded video ads on our apps?

Please be very careful to read the Admob policies to ensure you are not violating any terms to prevent your account from being suspended.

Please do not build apps, just for the purpose of earning money. YOUR ACCOUNT WILL BE SUSPENDED. You should add ads to your high quality apps that serve a purpose other than just displaying ads.



Absolutely! There are tons of posts in the community from users who have had their accounts suspended for breaking Google’s terms and conditions. There’s also a handy guide with best practices available here:


Great video thanx Domhnall
ads banner and Interstitial Ads are beter than Rewarded video Except profit :smile:
it’s annoying for user if it pop up every minute I think
it must be used in specific button just for support app or get more coin
so if user like your app you can give them a pop up notfication before exit ((support us if you liked our app )) or get free coin


Yes, it’s important that developers know how to use these components correctly, otherwise their app will be suspended.

Exactly, in the case of rewarded video the user has to specifically request to see the ad (perhaps in exchange for coins etc) if someone creates an app where videos just appear then their app will be banned.

Thanks for highlighting this!


Dear All,
are there other service like Admob that can be used and easily iplemented in Thukable?