How to make List Picker with CSV File

Dear friends, does anyone of you know how to make List Picker using CSV File?

This is the screenshoot of my blocks

and then this is the result that happens

and the result that i want is like this

(then if we click A, it will show the result for ''apple"
Do you know how to create it?

this is the aia file that i have made
listpickerwithcsv.aia (2.2 KB)

THank you

You want to show A B C D in your list picker so set your elements of list picker to A B C D
Then when list picker after picking
Get the selection index (if A select you’ll get 1)
And finally select list item :
List (your csv list, you called it listpick in your screenshots)
Index : selection index



thanks and credit for @philm

thanks @clement_pignet you give me insight to what need to do next