How to make a text box notification

I would like to know how to make a sound notification for a text box.
The idea is, if the Text Box is empty, I would like a sound to say that it is not filled. How should I do this?
I know how to notify with the text, but my main idea is to make a sound.Thunk_Image

Hey there!
Use Text To Speech Component of the media section.

I could change how I can assemble the code.
For to tell the truth, I don’t know how I can do it.
Thank you very much.

My main goal is that in case the text box is empty. A sound says it is empty and needs to be filled.
I just don’t know how I will assemble the blocks to do it.

You simply need to add a “Sound” component to your app and call it (specifying the sound file) along with your Notifier.

I understand the idea, but I don’t know how to assemble the codes.
Could you help me, please?


You just have to supply a file (beep.mp3 for instance, but you can call it absolutely anything) add that file as an asset in your app, and specify it as the source.

Whenever you need to sound the “beep”, you call Sound.Play.

If you need to sound “boop” (whatever this may be…) instead, you add a file ‘boop.mp3’ as asset and specify it as the source for the Sound player.

Friend, what I want is something like this.

If the text box is not filled.
Make a sound to alert you to fill it.

I think it’s simpler.Thunk_result

How is your “simpler” solution any different from what I presented ???

That said, what you are missing is the statement that assigns the sound file to the player. It does not have to be done at the level of the button, but if you are using the same player for different sounds depending on the circumstances, it needs to be set each time the sound is changed.

Also, Player is meant for long sounds (like a song). The Sound component is recommended for short sound effects, like ‘beeps’ because it does not come with all the extra events that are not pertinent for short sounds (like what do do when the sound ends).

My intention is to really use the player and not the sound.
Because the sound I want to use is quite extensive.
After several attempts I managed to get where I wanted.
Thank you for your availability and attention.
Whenever I come to this community I try to get the ready image of my doubt so that other people can, through the image that I let be helped.
Not everyone who comes here understands programming, and when you ask for help, it would be interesting for everyone to exemplify with a ready-made image, as I am doing right now.
Thank you very much.


But you are still missing the statement that specifies the file to play.

And if you insist on a “quite extensive” sound component, that is your call. But if that thing plays for 2 minutes each time someone clicks on the button after forgetting to enter the required test in Text_Box1, be ready to face very annoyed users.

Just saying.

And since you want images, that would be like this

Again, your call…

There are not two minutes.
It’s only 15 seconds, maybe a little less.
But what is certain is that in sound is too long and not possible.
To tell the truth I referred to the image of the blocks.
Many are here looking for help and do not understand any of this, I think it costs nothing, exemplify the blocks with images and not words.
If you were offended at any time, I am very sorry, for at no time have I been rude to you.
Have a good night.
And thanks again for your time.

Perhaps what you should understand is that, in order to show bocks, I would have to prepare them.
And that takes time, and could mess up a project I am working on.

If something requires less than 3 blocks, then it is a lot quicker to just describe the blocks instead of creating them. You have the advantage that those are the blocks you already have, and that I don’t since I am not currently making use of sound in any of my projects.
I therefore had to

  • open a project
  • add a sound component in design
  • then go to the blocks
  • build logic

But that was not enough for you, because apparently, I would have had to add ALSO a Button1, and a Text_Box, and a Notifier?

All this for no pay $$$ ?

Well, good luck to you and to your users. I personally feel that having a sound clip of 15 seconds to remind me that a text box is empty, as opposed to a one second beep, would tax my patience.