How to make a loop trigger

is there a way make trigger that every multiple 150, it does something i want.
example, i click a button 150 times, it loads an interstisial ad.
multiple integer
i know that’s a wrong block placement. can you show me the right blocks and their placements?

Just an idea :
If the result of your number divided by 150 does not contain a « . » that means it’s a multiple of 150

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are you sure that this is not going to create a violation that may lead in blocking your Admob account???

anyway you can use image
this can tell you if there is a remainder in the division and if it is zero then your criteria should be satisfied…

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I just wan’t to make a mini calculator for my classmates.
So when the “equal” button get clicked,
The Global Ads will be added by 1
When the global reminder = 1, they will get 5 support points
Does it make google suspend my admob account?

Anyway thanks for it, i’ll try it!