How to make a dynamic list to put in a "ColinTreeListView"?

Hi all!

I am a newbie to Thunkable.
I wanted to create an app using Firebase DB and ColinTreeListView to show results.
I read all of the discussions on the Thunkable community relating to the topic and I found only “ColinTreeListView” fixed examples.

I get a datas of message, directly of the “FireBase”.
How to make a dynamic list to put in a “ColinTreeListView” to show 3 datas?

The application bellow has three “labes” to show list that I do.

But I need a help to Do a correct list…

And show datas in one “ColinTreeListView”

Whereas the list is dynamic ie in the number of message varies.

How I can create a list e put in one ColinTreeListView?

In the community I found only “ColinTreeListView” fixed examples.


use spreadsheet , in place .
more easy spreadsheet in compression Firebase DB

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this system exist in “windows” and use firebase. I can’t change this!

And my problem is not the firebase that works very well…

How to make a dynamic list to put in one “ColinTreeListView” to show 3 datas for each message?

just post here thats screen shot

Sorry for this. but I don’t understand. What I need to post?

Hello Marcelo,
did you solved your problem with ColinTree and Firebase? because I’ve the same problem but i’m not able to fix it.

Please let me know.
Many thanks

hi can u say how to solve this problems

with blocks

Theres a lot newbie that have questions like this ( including me ) please if anybody got answer or if anybody would point to some tppics if this already answered