How to make 10+ apk in thunkable?


Dear All,
I need your help. how can I make a big apk using thunkable.

please help.


Welcome esyptcearn,

This question has been asked many many times before so searching the forum will help you


Dear Peter_Mathijssen,
Thanks for your reply.
I have a mistake with this question. I need to know how can i make an apk which is bigger then 10 mb.

I need your help. Is it possible or not.



In the link i gave you you can find the following. Did you read the tips and tricks?


If you really can’t make file’s byte less, use Thunkable X. You will be able to make apps with limit of 25MB.


How can i activate Thunkable X?


Click the link on Thunkable X (beta) (which says “sign in here”) and take a survey. Then you can activate Thunkable X.