How to login to Thunkable Live App on Android

I am trying to live preview my thunk on an Android app ver 3.37 and Android version 8.1.0.

When clickin on “Live” on the thunkable web interface it says

Please login to your Thunkable mobile app.

Whereas the Thunkable mobile app doesn’t allow login, there’s no interface for logging in. I am on the same wifi connection.

Please help!

@Piyush_Mehta, I think you downloaded the wrong Live app. So confirm: you use X or Classic? There are two apps for the two things.

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No need to press on the Live test on the web page. Just download Thunkable live from Google play.
Thunkable live:
and log in with the app.

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But if you want to live test, which means you see your change live, you have to. But you are talking about the X version, and this topic’s category is #classicdiscuss

Oh sorry! I did not notice that it is Classic.

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Thanks folks. That did it. I was using the wrong app.

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Okay, I think he downloaded the classic live to X, or something like that, so it’s not clear for me too :smile:

@Piyush_Mehta then mark my reply “solved”, with the :white_check_mark: near the :heart:

do we need to download thunkable Classike Live for Android for live test?
to resolve this issue “Please login to your Thunkable mobile app.”

Nope. For X, download thee X one.
For classic, the classic

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Which device are you using, to try logging in?


Thunkable mobile app is available on IOS?

brother i am using thunkable sample apps and when i click on live test it says the same prblem please help me out

bro in want to live test thunkable sample apps but its showing the same problem please help me

(No need to reply to multiple people, we all see the thread)

Make sure you downloaded the right version of the test application.
This one is for Classic and allows live view of changes.

This one is for X which requires a login


bro i am not dowanloades ceract my wone apps??but why???plase reply me??

you might want to use a spell checker… else nobody will be able to understand, what you are talking about

I guess no, as of now it is not available for iOS


will probably released for ios by the end of this year.