How to launch the Phone's Gallery?



I don’t know if that is the correct code. Please help

I just want to click a button to open my phone’s gallery

Thanks in advance

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Most phones use different galleries, so it would be hard to make this work on all devices.

You can use this app and find the package name and activity for your gallery.


Hi thank you for the reply i saw this post and how can i implement this if possible?


@simpleandroidtech, there’s also an ImagePicker component which might work for you?


Try this:

I haven’t tested it so it may not work. Let me know.


Why i haven’t think of that… darn me… i spent hours finding the right code for the activity starter… i am so embarrassed right now … thank you sir It worked 100% @Domhnall


I will also try this one sir


100% Percent working tried it to my friends phone both are opening the gallery. a Note 2 Alcatel one touch and the other one is a generic Chinese android phone.

THANK YOU @Conor so it does work after all :slight_smile:

DATA URI:content://media/internal/images/media


Open Image in Gallery

Thank you for confirming that it works.

Glad to see you got it working.

I will add this to the FAQ.


try this
ACTION android.intent.action.PICK
Datatype image/*
this opens other media apps options to choose from

ACTION android.intent.action.GET_CONTENT
Datatype image/*


I will try this one too … Thanks


hello, please did it work ?


@skapezempire i tried the two same error 601: No corresponding activity was found


It works on my test device; Android V 2.3
Maybe It’s deprecated

Check out "App Inventor ActivityStarter"


hi conor, I m new in this community but I am looking for solution

I just want to hide the url whenever I use webviewer
I can put something to hide that url

looking fwd for ur reply.


Hi @nitin, welcome to the Thunkable community. I’m a little confused, what does your question have to do with gallery apps?


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ACTION- android.intent.acition.PICK
Data Type- image/*