How to intregrate payment gateways in my App?

I have designed an e-commerce app for selling my goods with the help of Thunkable.
I want to integrate different Payment Gateways like PayPal, PayUmoney, Paytm and SBI Bank in my app. How can I do that? Is there any extension available for it? Or it is impossible unless the app is to be designed in android studio?
Please help me.


tum bhai pakka youtuber ho :smiley:

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Sorry to inform you Ysharma, but I’m not a youtuber.
Apart from that, Do you have the solution? or just stopped here to pass a :smiley: ?

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bhai youtuber bola he koi gali nhi di jo bura man rhe :stuck_out_tongue: anyways m also new so no solution yet :frowning:

PayPal has a customized link to payment page, you can add a button to it.
The problem is the return link: I don’t know how to keep it in app and notify users with outcome.

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If you’re planning to release this on google play be aware of this:
Unless you have googles written approval you may not use any other payment methods than googles own in app billing system


but lots of apps have that paypal system …for example cash pirate app …so please tell us is this any other way to connect paypal

there is one problem with too, that is user can change currency and amount on page, example like “” then on that page, user can change currency and amount on page and cheat with me on payment amout

Yes bro. I’m planning for it as a ecommerce app of mine. Then how will I accept payments from my customer like that is done is Amazon or Flipkart apps?
Is it necessary to have the approval? because if I apply for approval, I have to proved GSTIN Number, Company Licence, etc. details. But I’m an individual, I’m not so rich, how will I have company related documents?

Why cant u just use googles in app payment system? It is their service so they decide the rules. You can publish this app bit youre account will be banned and you wont be able to publish anymore apps on the store

Why you are not understanding, it’s an ecommerce app, so the payment will be for the product I have to sell and ship to customers like than on Amazon, Flipkart, etc. so I must have different payment gateways. How will I get banned? there are many apps in Play Store which have integrated payment gateways not only the popular ones like Alibaba, Amazon,etc.

My app is not a trial version of any Pro where “Google InApp Billing” can come in work.

Even , according to your saying, if I use Google’s InApp billing, then there are many issues related to payment :-

  1. In India, only few bank’s Premium’s debit or credit cards are accepted by Google Play. And the 70 % population of India has cards which are from not supported banks on Google Play
  2. How will I initiate refunds to my customers… (many more issues can be there if I use Google InApp billing)
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@mASTERaDI, I understand you’re point and it looks like Google Pay is not mandatory for physical products (
I think these posts can help you :wink:
Have anyone used Tokening Credit Cards for payment?
Online payment through app

@Ysharma, I don’t see what you say in his post. You really shouldn’t bash users trying to help about relevancy :slight_smile:

I was replying to:

You helped me out a bit. Thanks for the links.
But what about my question? Is it impossible by doing it from thunkable?

Hey guys if we all start typing in our language then no one will ever get help…
There are translators ok but should we be translating all the time?
There are also private messages you know. There you can type whatever you like…

@mASTERaDI are you publishing your app to the Google Play store? If so, you can only use Google’s in-app billing for purchases.

i think it’s possible use paypal by php script

Bro… I said different payment gateways for shopping not just one.
Though using paypal link is very easy in app, but only less people in India have a paypal account, so that will be of no use for me.
And mostly payment gateways are dominated by Paytm or Freecharge wallet, SBI or other banks’ payment gateways, so people are use-to it. Paypal in India is trendy among very less group of people.

bro, you can use instamojo