How to incorporate social media links into your app



Hi Thunkers!

I know in many of the apps I’ve built I’ve wanted to incorporate social media links and I’m assuming many of you probably want to do the same:)

Please find the steps listed below to do so and I’m also attaching an .aia that you can directly use to make it easier!

Step 1: Create buttons and upload buttons for each of the social media link you would like to add.

Step 2: For each social media button created, drag an “ActivityStarter” from the ‘Connectivity’ section of the pallet on the left side of the screen.

Step 3: In the Blocks portion of your app put the following blocks together:

To make this clearer, I am attaching two images of what the designer view and blocks view look like for this to work - or you can download and use this .aia directly!

Happy Thunking!


Social_Media_Links.aia (165.7 KB)

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Can i ask something irrelevant?how this horizontal arrangement is to the bottom?


Put an empty label above it and set the height to ‘Fill Parent’


it dosn’t work and as a far i can see there is no label in the designer view.


Set the Screen1 alignment to bottom


@amrita Very nice example :slight_smile:
but you don’t need so many activity starter components.
you can do all with only one component.

i edited your example how it works :slight_smile:

Social_Media_Links.aia (165.6 KB)


@Mika I didn’t realize that I could do it with just one activity starter! Thanks for letting me know:)


@amrita you are welcome :slight_smile:


But is possible to allow the app to open specific domain links?

I mean, in android 6.0 M, if you access to app info, and click in open as default or something like that, you see that you can authorize some links to be open in your app.
It’s possible to do this like if you type in browser Instagram user’s profile opens but in AI/Thunkable?


Use the WebViewer instead


But I’m asking if you can incorpore something like this:

You open Chrome or any browser and you tipe: (for example) and if you have your app installed, the app opens in a specified screen or just start the app


you can start with a button also installed apps on your device with your own app.
you can do this with the activity starter.

but i think you can’t access your app via browser because your app has no domain like


i want to url link in media player for hidden url but i can not search this solution ?
any body can help me in this regard.


i want to url link in media player for hidden url but i can not search this solution ?
any body can help me in this regard.