How to get and display data from firebase using mobile no, date and time as tag

Hi everyone I am struct in a project. I want to get data from firebase and display information using mobile No. + Date + Time as tag.
I want to display data from SO-MUSS bucket

In this app I am sending some information using sms message and storing the same thing in firebase. The data should be displayed back using users mobile no, date and time. for that i have used mobile no, date and time stamp as tag.

Erased part is mobile no.

What can you get out of firebase at this point in time?

i am getting nothing. not even tags

I see that you are not trying to show anything but the final result. That is unfortunately quite frequent…
It is obvious something is not working, what you need to do is figure WHERE. That means you have to itemize and isolate the various steps and examine the progress until it fails.

How about helping yourself and having the “Firebase_SO_MUSS.Tag List” block at least spit out said tag list in a notify block, so that you could see what it got, and if it got anything that makes sense?

can anyone tell me whats the mistake in the above blocks. If possible correct it.

Hi can any one can help me getting data of a selected phone number and time which are tags of a firebase data base in my case. When phone number and time is entered, that firebase should show data value of that particular tag only.
Phone number is hiden in the pic

Your blocks show no provision for entering anything. All it does is access all the tags, and extract everything, putting those in a list, and putting that list in some component called “Label_Station_Name” which we do not even know what it is (text box? label? button?) and what size allowance it has.

I mentioned before that you should at least make your component report on progress, using alerts.
Like when you get tags. Does it actually get any tags or just an empty list?

Apparently, you are under the impression that we can remotely read the ‘mind’ of your app at a distance. We can’t.

Thanks CBVG for the reply. I was using Label_Station_Name only to check if something display or not. But yesterday the list shows all the data in that label. I have made provision to enter mobile no, Date and time to get details from the firebase. Only the data from entered mobile no, date and time should show.

Can you show me some blocks if possible.

You need to add this sort of result tracker, using a Notifier component, to your “Tag List” and “Got Value” blocks:


If they flash by too quickly, you can replace with Show Message Dialog, which will remain displayed until you dismiss it with a button click.

If your data is not properly interpreted, that is where you will see them not returning what they should.