How to download imagefrom firebase storage folders



How to get image from firebase folders? I can get image that is not inside the folder but when I try to get from the folders I don’t know what is proper get filename query.1

Firebase storage extension

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Are you using the Firebase storage extension?


Yes, I’m using firebase storage extension for my app inventor project


Got it.

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Finally, just FYI, if you were using Thunkable X you’d have access to the MediaDB which would probably simplify matters for your and you would also have 50MB project storage rather than 10MB.





Hello everyone! I’m using appinventor for my project, could somebody help me how to get image stored in a firebase storage folder? example, “FOLDER1/Images/Image1.jpg” I saw tutorials on youtube on how to get image but my problem is I can’t get images if it is stored inside the folder.

What is the proper query,



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