How to download imagefrom firebase storage folders

How to get image from firebase folders? I can get image that is not inside the folder but when I try to get from the folders I don’t know what is proper get filename query.1

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Are you using the Firebase storage extension?

Yes, I’m using firebase storage extension for my app inventor project

Got it.

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Finally, just FYI, if you were using Thunkable X you’d have access to the MediaDB which would probably simplify matters for your and you would also have 50MB project storage rather than 10MB.



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Hello everyone! I’m using appinventor for my project, could somebody help me how to get image stored in a firebase storage folder? example, “FOLDER1/Images/Image1.jpg” I saw tutorials on youtube on how to get image but my problem is I can’t get images if it is stored inside the folder.

What is the proper query,


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