How to display my Tag List of Fire Base in a List View Thunkable

I have this structure in my fire base.

I need to see the tags inside the tag “Box” in a listView. My listView should show:
other name

But, when I get the tags in “Box”, my listView show it

how I can display just the tags inside “Box” in the ListView?

First you need a list of the part you want.

You can experiment by changing the Project Bucket by adding /principal/example to see if you can do your tag query farther down.

The process here is to get a tag list, and then based on the tags it gets, obtain the value, once it has the value, add it to the list

Thank you Cian.
My blocks are similar, but the event Got Value shows the tag into “Box” and tag’s value. I just need the first tag into “Box” without the value.


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Then it is just a Get Tag list and set the ProjectBucket to /principal/example1/box

See if that works

This will only bring the tags inside the box of example1, not all the tags into the tags with the name “Box” that I need.

I have added other For Each but it does’t work

Let me think about it.

So if there are 10 primarys, you want the list within box within each primary correct?

Exactly. For all users (“example”) in my bd, i need the tag’s list that are inside the tag “box” of each one


guys, why don’t I have the “call.Get Value” block?

In this pic you’re using Thunkable X , this post is about Thunkable classic version :+1:

thank you eheh. do you know if there is a way to copy the entire project from thunkable x to the Classic version?

I know that the two platform work in different way, so I think no. Anyway here there are a lot of power users with more knowledge than me , wait for a reply or write a new post in the right section. Have a nice day

It is there.


Drag that out and see the options expand.

Hello, I have a problem that can answer this topic. Just like the data structure above, I decided to go through one list within another. ie I have Firebase1 and Firebase2 as per the image. The problem is that the list has only the last searched value. I’ve created a global list, but it’s still not retaining all the data. can anybody help me?

You are only adding value and so last value is the one that sticks. Create an increment value, so each time it gets a value the number increases by one. Then in your list store the value, plus the number as the index of the list. Then the value will be added to the list and not replacing .

I am using the “add items to list” method. It’s still not working. It’s strange, because it seems that when you switch to the next Firebase_1 value it zeroes all parameters and global variables.

I’ve tried different ways. I think I’m going to have to tinker with the data structure.

show the blocks. I do not think you are looping properly.

The firebase_2 tag list is coming normally. Problem is value in “Firebase_2 Got Value” that is coming empty.


I took a forced test. As I know there are 7 records I want to list, I put 7 labels receiving the value. It still did not work.

The conclusion I got is that somehow the screen is being reset and losing the value of the global variables.

I could not solve it. I ended up creating a new tag that I am saving a summary of the records to be listed.

Man try this


it will show you on parentheses (Tipo_Usuario Usuario) the index show the field on table 1 2 3