How to Display IP Address



I want to display IP Address in my application, how?

User Country detection
How can i get user Current IP when he login


i already use that, but ip that look like this picture.


Please show your relevant blocks? And do you get it with the installed APK or with the companion?


I use the installed application


Has it something to do with your network?


The network I use is stable no interference


I tested it and it works for me. Maybe @Taifun can help you.


Ok thx bro, @Taifun please help me


Is this necessary at checklist


No i didn’t use them.


I make a extension for you
to get ip address


please, give me your extension


try this extension for get ip address
com.crazylabs.getip.aix (6.5 KB)


Please show blocks for your extension


get extension here:- com.crazylabs.getip.aix (6.5 KB)

[Free] Get Phone IP Aix
App for ip network testing

Thanks bro, for your extension


Welcome Bro
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are you connected to a local network?
you might want to try the WiFi test app downloadable from here


I want wifi router default ip? any router anyone can help