How To Detect İnternet Download/Upload Speed?


How To Detect İnternet Download/Upload Speed? please help me :=)


Perhaps with this speed test app?


very complicated…There is no api?


@pavi2410 has shared the source code for free for anyone to use!

Did you try googling Speed Test APIs?

This one is $50 per 10,000 calls per month

This one is $50 per month for “unlimited” calls

Surely setting up access tokens, writing requests, parsing results etc is more “complicated”?


You can also get Ookla’s Mini version of but you have to set it up on your own server.

Here’s the link:


There is one post on the FAQ to to this:

That tutorial has a mode to detect Internet Speed

To test the speed, make a WebComponent to go to this URL:
And WhenResponseGotText, handle the response as KB/s