How to create professional privacy policy dialog?


Is there any way to create privacy policy dialog like this?


Hey @Aam_Press there are many possible ways to create privacy policy dialog like that! the best way is to use the visible property of the component [ Horizontal/Vertical ] and a tiny DB [ to show this only when the user open your app for the 1st time ].

Visit this link : [ Note : It’s not my channel :stuck_out_tongue: ]
You can get a basic idea of creating privacy policy dialog in your app. There are also many more videos out there you can watch them too…

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He already asked in the Kodular forum and was helped there. Posting the same question in multiple places is not respectful to the users who spend there free time on a question.


Sorry @Peter_Mathijssen I didn’t know that… I don’t use kodular forum. :roll_eyes:


Nope, i was not helped. I want solution and i will get it. I posted it in every community. Hoping anyone will help me. BTW you don’t need to close my topic in Kodular but you did that without any reason


Try this:


I mean how to create dailog for privacy policy, as shown in the video