How to create multiscreen in one screen and operate with procedure?



Please someone make multiple arrangements and hidi unhide them with procedure so i can make an big app…


This is X or Classic? Because I want to recategotize. Anyways, drop a procedure block, and for example for switching between a “first” and “second” named arrangement, use this:

To procedure
Set false
Set second.Visible to true.


Hello @ahmedusman

Have a look at :point_down: this post by @Taifun. Follow the links mentioned in the tip 1

Also the below video tutorial by @azaotl may come handy.

Also I found this :point_down: reply by @Domhnall in one of the old topic which may help you.

Note- There may be other tutorials or solutions out there in the community, beside the ones that are mentioned above, but I think the ones that are mentioned above are enough to start with. :slight_smile: :+1:

How to call procedure in screen 1 to use in screen 2

Thanks @Vaibhav_Patil sir, today i will try mr.domnhall’s way and then tell you what happen… because in my project i make 23 bertical arrangements (23 pages) and 1 vertical scroll arrangement for main screen and buttons… and programme them app works fime but when you use continuosly some arrangements does not close well and visible permanent untill you close the app and restart it.
I am stuck on this problem from last 5 days and also tried different ways from internet but result is same today i will try mr.domnhal way and let you know what happenned.

Thanks for help and assist…:slight_smile::slight_smile::slight_smile:


I have 23 arrangements open with 23 buttons + 1 main screen arrangement so simple hide unhide system will took to much time … if you have some idea about applying some procedure plzz tell me… because in my app i will make 5 screens like this…