How to create extension in app inventor with ble?

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I am currently developing an android app using app inventor 2 so I need to scan ibeacons/eddystones advertisements without connecting to the device. I have done this in Android Studion but could not do it in App Inventor 2. App inventor 2 has a ble extension(bluetoothble) but it needs to connect to the device before it can read the data I need via gatt. This is not universal since there are manya manufaturers of eddystones and ibeacons.

I am looking at creating my own extension but I just could not figure out how will I do this using the app I earlier developing using android studio.

here is the working source of the app https: / /t. co/ ryV9qT5QTW Can this be converted into an app inventor extension?

Did you take a look at I know BLE with App Inventor is kind of difficult and I still haven’t figured it out yet. I think you’ll have to specify to which device your phone should connect.

PS: Do you know that you can click the </> button or add ´ before and after your url to prevent it from being hidden?

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