How To Create an Extension


I this Tutorial I am going to teach you how to create Extensions for AppInventor and Makeroid.

You can find the Tutorial on my Website


Is this server made by your 8 member team?

Jerin Jacob

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Well its not my team, its the team :wink:. But yes we made it with 8 members

And me @Sander0542


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Great tutorial! Can I add a link to this to my “Extension development for newbies” tutorial?
Keep up the great work

You can add a link to the tutorial to your website, but I would be happy if you can mention my name behind it :slight_smile:

Bravo! That there is good stuff!
For me, it’s hard to give likes/loves… whatever… to any thing that I haven’t investigated first! Plus, it usually takes something special to sway focus from the 5-6 other projects that nag me for attention! In short…
I wish I could say… “Awesome Job!” a little bit better but, it looks like I have a new ‘nag’ that needs my attention! awww little cutie patootie! I think I’ll name it Seven! Ima just love ‘em n’ hug ‘em n’ squeeze 'em! We’re gonna be best friends! You’ll see!

<]8^) ~ Dunce Cap Software

Keep up the good work!