How to create a multi screen photo album?


i want to create multi screen photo albums , add there at least 115 no of photo ,ok

screen 1 need show 30 photo
screen 2 need show 20 photo
screen 3 need show 17 photo
screen 4 need show 48 photo but found error list too larg

now pl guide me


It doesn’t sound like you need 4 screens at all. Rather than creating extraneous components, why not use one screen with 4 buttons to navigate between albums?

What error message did you get when this occurred?


that’s are as
select list item; list index too large


That means, for example, that you are trying to get the 21st item from a list that has only 20 items in it.


hi here that aia file multi_screen_photo_album_0.aia (18.9 KB)

in this file till not update that image. that i will uptodate after finish the code


This file has 7 screens in it, I thought you were going to reduce that number?


any problem with 7 screen ?


see tip #1 and #3 here



No, there’s no technical issue at all, you just make it more difficult on yourself.

As I’ve already mentioned, it looks like you could do everything you want with a single screen.