How to create a app of Blog with notifications


how to create a app of NEWSBlog with notifications ,

Can i make NEWS app using thunkable

Use a WebViewer to display your blog and OneSignal for notifications?


i have use webviwer
but what to do for notifications
please reply in details sir


Try building a simple example like in the docs and the try it integrate into your main app.


i have made app of my blog but why app takes lots of time to open the app of blog
please help sir

  1. Get an rss fees of the blog
  2. Sign up to Zapier and to Onesignal
  3. Create a zap with rss feed and onesignal
  4. Follow the configuration steps

Now when a new post is published on the blog zapier will send a notification via Onesignal.

If you are in trouble dont doubt to ask

How do I create news app in thunkable, and update its content daily?

can i make news app using thunkable
then please help me
waiting for feedback


What do you mean with news app?
An app that uses google news apis?


you can easily create news app with the help of spreedsheet and listpicker .You can notify your users with push notifications & do lot more things.


Please do not spam the community with multiple posts about the same topic.

Make sure you have followed all of @amrita’s tutorial to put a website in an app:

If that’s still not working for you then have a look here for some tips on asking better questions:


can you please explain broadly


You can find more information about that in thunkable docs .Moreover, I will create a tutorial on this but it may take some time so, better check thunkable docs.


sir please help
urgenty needed


have you readed this?


Creating a shopping app using web view component as soon as I made it will upload the aia file