How to Count Live Users And Clicks


Hey everyone, can anyone help me to count live users on my app. And i also want to get total clicks in my app. There are 2 button in my app amd i want to get how many user clicked which button and then decide the results of the game. Then after that another game session starts…
Please any help is appreciated. Thank you.


Hi @sharadranjann

Open this link looking for the source to buy by @Mika
Read this too How to add score counter in game app


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Here is one way to count the users :smiley:

How to show user online in app chat?
How to check that How many users are online in thunkable App

Very much Thanks @Nice_kode4 and @sultani for helping me!!


Your welcome
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You’re so very welcome :smiley:


It is not working… Always showing 1…


Try it on multiple devices :smile: then it will work


Wow! I forgot this… Tnx


how to fix?

“rules”: {
“users”: {
“$uid”: {
“.read”: “$uid === auth.uid”,
“.write”: “$uid === auth.uid”


You have to save tag “online” like a list, the append block works only with list :+1:
Try to save an empty list under tag online and then try again the block in the pic
edit: :point_up_2:THIS :point_up_2: probably get an error in some condition.



I do not understand
Do you have any samples?


You have to work with lists :point_down: because “append” works only with lists


Check solved if error is fixed. :+1::wave::wave::wave:


Thank you ,Goldking

I’m test Code , run Error message






The error is because you are adding a list to an integer which is not possible.


MY WAY :point_down:

AS @Vaibhav_Patil said if you use a list you can’t add an integer with a list but only with item’s list


amazing, Thank you
I went to the test and report later.


hi how are u, i cant find the block global online.


The block global on line is a variable. You find it empty and you can chose all the names you want.