How to control another device via bluetooth



May I ask if I want to design an APP, like the bottom of the example, how can I do?

I want a mobile device (A) to connect to another mobile device (B) via Bluetooth, and then let the mobile device (B) control the schema above the mobile device (A).

When my hand slides right on the mobile device (B), the pattern on the screen of the mobile device (A) changes direction and then changes to the right.

Finally, I want to let the mobile device (A) connect multiple mobile devices (B) at the same time, and then let the mobile device (B) control the pattern on the mobile device (A), and then you can achieve more people at the same time to join the snake! :snake: :snake: :snake:

Above is my idea, but I do’t know how to design an APP by APP Inventor, so ask everyone to help.
Thank you. :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:


Wow! If possible that would be super awesome :smile:


that sounds doable
as a start do the tutorials to learn the basics, see also the Top 5 tips

also see here how to work with bluetooth
A simple Bluetooth Chat with App Inventor 2

for multiple bluetooth connections, use separate bluetooth components for each connection


btw. I modified the subject of your thread…


Your example app is for App Inventor. I have successfully used BT LE there.
However in trying the same in Thunkable, I can’t see any way to actually import an extension in Thunkable (which is very simple in App Inventor). Can you maybe guide me to how I would import the latest BT LE extension into Thunkable?




it sems to be, you are using Thunkable X… extensions are not available there… you might want to try Thunkable Classic, which is an App Inventor distribution…