How to close session in the sidebar?



how was the sidebar setting up and I wanted to put an option which would close session in my app, how could I do this ???


You should search and read in the community before posting. You just joined and have less than 1 minute reading time but are already asking…


About what I do not always read, I read but without entering my account, I believed it a while ago since this problem arose, and I also saw all the documentation and there is nothing close to what I am asking, thanks


Just by entering the word “sidebar” into the search you can easily find several topics containing sidebar extensions, instructions, how to setup,… And in the Docs you can find everything about how the blocks work and also the close app block. That’s why I meant please give it a try to find a solution yourself before creating a new topic!

You can just use an extension like the free Sidebar extension from Andres and there is a block for what todo after selection of an item. There you can add something like “if item XY clicked, do close app”