How to change Top Menu?



How can i change the top menu?

The menu that says:

  • Stop this application
  • About this application
  • Settings



I might be wrong but i dont think its possible from inside thunkable. You can only hide it



Try some of these templates that have just been posted

Some of them cover the menu.


How to hide it?


Rdced, I dont have Android Studio!


you dont need android studio, they are .aia files


Nikthegreek, nice! Ty :wink:

But its possible to hide it in the Designer area of Thunkable?


uncheck it to hide the title, uncluding that 3 options:
it can be found on Screen1 properties all the way down


Nikthegreek, great help, ty!

One last thing…

When we set a password, like this:

Is this “12345” value secure?
In other words, is this code compiled (encrypted), or if someone goes to the app instaled folder can locate the code in plain text?



Use the “Obfuscated Text” block instead. This will make it harder for people to view the text if they extract the APK file.


Conor, where exactly is the Obfuscated Text?


In the same place as the “Text” block (in the “Text” category of the blocks editor.)


Like this?




Ty m8!

What exactly Obfuscated Text does?
Some kind of encryption?


Take a look here:!topic/mitappinventortest/K4lABUbQJ6g


Got it! Ty for help :wink: