How to change status bar color



Hello, for my app I would like the status bar to be this color #c66900 I converted it to RGB and I tried using @Taifun’s Tool extension, although it just made the status bar grey. My API version is 22 and my android version is 5.1 so it should be working. I thought this might just be a bug with the emulator, but when a exported the app it is still grey.

How to match titlebar and statusbar color
Queria fazer meu app mudar a cor da status bar e da navbar de acordo com a cor da tela a ser aberta

see here



OK, thanks. Although the color does change, it just changes to grey


@Taifun the status bar color works fine for me on all my Thunkable apps. It’s the title bar color that doesn’t work for me.

@Csf30816 Are you sure you’re using the correct RGB color?


@Csf30816 you might want to try the "modified ‘A Better Color Picker’ example app available to download from the Download section here



Ok, I will try that example.


I am not 100% sure, but I am 75%



I finally tried this. And none of the colors change D:


as you might realize yourself, what you are saying does not really help anyone to help you…



OK. How about this:

Taifun, I just tried your “Modified ‘A better Color Picker’” project. Although still the problem (being the Status Bar does not change colors) occurs. This might just be an issue with my phone, if it is please let me know. My phone info:

Model: Z812
Android Version: 5.1
API Version: 21
Hardware Version: wuzA

I hope some of this will help somebody to find a way to fix this. Thank you.

If this is still not helpful, then I obviously can not help anyone.



ok, so the status bar does NOT change colors for you on that device running on Android 5.1
what about the button background color, the navigation bar color and the title bar color?

as @Conor said earlier, the status bar color works fine, only the title bar color does not change for Thunkable apps



Yes. Nothing (except the button) changes colors. Here is a ScreenShot:

notice that the Status bar is grey. Normally it is pitch black.


@Csf30816 please try the example in MIT App Inventor and let us know, if it works for you on that device there…

also someone else might want to try the example on a Android 5.1 device in Thunkable?



OK, so using AI2 the Navigation Bar Color changes but the Status bar stays black.


ok, I now added the following note on my webpage for these 3 methods: the StatusBarColor, NavigationBarColor and TitleColor blocks might not work on all Android versions or App Inventor distributions



I created a workaround that let’s this work :slight_smile: on my device (and hopefully all devices). The example AIA File is StatusBar.aia (23.4 KB). Please report any problems you have to me, and include ScreenShots.


As you can see this looks perfect on my device. But it may not on yours. This relies on your phone having a statusbar font size of 14dp/14px (I do not know which thunkable uses in responsive mode.)