How to change screen order


Is there a way to change screen order, so that screen#2 will become screen#1?


Take a look here:


Thanks Connor. I saw that, but the process is so convoluted…export, extract from zip, change, repack zip, import…
Isn’t there a simpler way to just drag the screen order, for example?


Nope! The default behaviour for Thunkable is to have Screen1 as the MainActivity - you’re making the app do something it wasn’t meant to do so it’s going to involve jumping through a few hoops.

Maybe you can toggle the visibilities of arrangements like @Conor suggests here:

There are a few tools for App Inventor, but they usually assume that you use a certain naming convention before you start coding.

I don’t think anyone here has tried these yet but if it works for you then let us know!

Renamibility of Screen1

Take a look to my little trick! :wink:

If you open your app now, the first screen is closed and at the same time the “screen2” is open.


Mika, I like your workaround. It may not be the answer to all situations, but certainly helps.
Thank you very much indeed.

The other tools are a bit more flexible and comprehensive, but they are external tools, more suited for dealing with existing (read: finished…) projects.

I still think that the ability to rearrange screen order with a simple drag and drop of the screens in the screens drop-down menu would easily solve that issue.
Thank you very much.


Yes that where great if we can do this like you say it with drag and drop.
But you must ask a admin if they can make this possible. :slight_smile:


It’s all part of the learning curve @yosik! :slight_smile:

Consider using a splash screen, like @Mika suggests, or the Screen Manager pattern in your next app for improved flexibility and usability:


I have no problem with learning curves. Coming from a different dev background, I, of course, try to bridge from existing knowledge to new one.
Not all features are transferable to another dev environment.
For the time being, using a first screen in any project seems the right way to go. If it is not necessary, it can always be dropped, but at least, it will cover a after-the-fact decision to have a “first screen” at application launch…
Thanks all for the help.:+1:


@Domhnall using the tutorial of the video I linked, you can rename Screen2 to Screen1 (and vica versa), which will swap them around - It is possible.


@Conor, I was responding to Yossi’s question

There are a few ways to do it, but just not using Drag-and-Drop.


Like your logic , it really cool


Make a procedure block by your self. Than you will find that type of block.


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A little help fixing a bug

you are right, that restriction probably does not make much sense, does it?

thank you for the workaround, looks good…
also if you use the manager screen method,in your example screen Main_Menu will be the manager screen then…

However to change the screen order I would follow @Conor’s advice…



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But I still want to open the screen at some point.


it is not working . but how you initialize screen 1 .if you do so than …its going to an infinite loop


“But I still want to open the screen at some point.”

tht will use much memory, and make app crash

if u want do tht
just delete the close screen block