How to build an app like facebook, where I post something and the users see what I have posted



Hi guys.

  1. Il will make and tutorial “How to build app in thunkable by phone”, but i don’t know when, now i have a loot of things to do. It will come soon.
    2)Do you know facebook, no? Everibody know it. So do you know that when we post an photo, the app autonaticaly create an canvas with photo and the aothers buttons (like button-vomment button-share button- under the photo). Now my question is. How can i do the same. I would build an app like facebook, where i post something and the users se what i have posted. It is possible to do something like this. What i have to do in the block editor screen, there are nessary extensions ( are the extensin avaible yet?)


This is possible using the CloudinaryDB component along with Firebase.

Read more about them here: (click on CloudinaryDB)

Also, please take the time to read this:


Even try to read the post before uploading there are many typos in your post…


Hi @Bogdan_Todoran, at this point in time, it is not possible to automatically create new components, e.g. canvas with photo and buttons similar to what you have mentioned. But you can possibly pre-create several sets of canvas and buttons, hide them (set them to invisible) to start with.

When you post something, the image and text will be uploaded to e.g. Cloudinary and Firebase, and when new data is uploaded, the app will detect “ changed”. When the data changed is detected, you then set one set of pre-created components to visible with new data comprising image, text or whatever you have uploaded to your database.

You can for example pre-create 10 sets of components, arrange each set in a vertical and/or horizontal arrangement, then arrange all of the pre-created sets in a vertical scroll arrangement. You can then show the latest 10 posts.

I hope you understand what I mean. I am not a native English speaker either. :slight_smile:


To avoid this, in my app SOSgram I set 10 components that were the same to trying to fake you can read the messages, but if there were too many messages, it shows a label saying to see the full conversation open the browser

It was a very hard and boring work, I don’t recommend you to do it

For my chat app that I will do, to fix this, I’m going to display all messages through a Web API made in PHP to create dynamically ‘boxes’ to display throught a WebViewer