How to build a budget app with inbuilt calculator

How to build a budget app with inbuilt calculator and a button to add days so when it reaches 30 days it will calculate the 30 days expense pls help urgent

Hi! Welcome to Thunkable! You’re posting in the classic section of the forums, where there isn’t really any activity. If you’re just starting with Thunkable, you’ll want the X-platform version, and probably the Thunkable Discuss part of the forum.

But wait, before you go post there: This is not the sort of question that’s going to get useful answers. There /are/ folks on the forums who do work for hire, and maybe that’s what you wanted, but it’s not super likely someone is going to sit down and build an app to your specs, especially on an “urgent” timeline. (Aside to @domhnallohanlon - when you run out of WDC ideas, this might be a fun one.) If you’re asking for help, you’ll find lots of folks who’ll be happy to help, but you’ll need to show what you’ve tried so far and explain how you’re stuck. We’re totally happy to help you debug it, or figure out where to start looking for how to do it, but this question sounds a whole lot like “build my app for me”, and we don’t do that. Especially if it sounds like a homework assignment. :slight_smile:

So, when you post again (and please do post again!), please revise your question to be something we can answer. Where are you stuck?