How to auto Hide a Floating Action Button When there is no activity on screen for a certain period of time


Dear Friends,

I have inserted just one floating Action button to my app. When the button is clicked it reloads the webviewer.

What I want is the button should hide automatically when I don’t touch the screen for 2 seconds and then reappear automatically when screen is touched again. Is there any way to do so…?

Any guidance shall be highly appreciated.


unfortunately I think there is no click listener available yet for the webviewer :confused: And also the available webviewer extensions don’t offer that…


If it’s a site you created, you can do this with Javascript using WebViewer.WebViewString.

More info found here:


Btw I can only recommend you not to use the built in Floating Action button with webviewer (or at all) because it will likely slow down your app extremely if it is opened for some time: