How to auto copy a description into a link

Hi there! I am having some problem debugging my app. I am making an app called " Image Discoverer".
This is how it works:

    1. Snaps a picture of a living thing or a non-living thing
    1. Identify the image taken
    1. Gives the user a short description
    1. If the user is interested to learn more about the image they will click a button says " Learn
    1. Once the button is clicked it immediately takes you to Wikipedia link and gives the whole
      information about the image (picture the took before)

Now back to my problem…How to actually link the description to the Wikipedia? If I don’t do that the user will have to type the description back in the Wikipedia. So, to make it easier I am wondering how to make the description auto link in the Wikipedia without retyping or copying (cut n paste) in the search box of the Wikipedia? Please help!!!