How To Append Text To Urls And Links On Page?

Ladies & Gentlemen,

I am new here. Just signed-up.
Been playing around till now to build my first Mobile App using Thunkable.
I want to build a Mobile Browser App.
2 things I am stuck on and was wondering if any senior here would be kind enough to help this junior here.

  1. I want to append a url ( to the url my App User types.
    So, if my App User types say for example “google” to browse google, then when he clicks the GO button to go to google, he must not be sent to “google” but the browser should load:”.

To achieve my purpose, I must learn how to append text onto the url my User types.

Basically, you make the URL a text string.
Then, you use the appropriate text functions (join, replace, compare, split; whatever) to alter that string into the one that you need.
Then pass the modified string as the target URL.

But I notice that this is “thing #1”. Where is your #2?

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  1. I need to learn how to append text on the links found on the loaded webpage also.
    So let us say, my App User loaded a webpage on his screen and that webpage has a link.
    Now, my App should first append some text onto the link before loading the webpage on his screen. Ofcourse, the appending of text onto links found on the webpage should be done on the clientside.
    Anyone kind enough to show me a code sample how to achieve my purpose ?
    Let us say, User loaded a google page and it is linking to yahoo page.
    Appending should be done in this format:



Thank You!

All the HTML code of a loaded web page can be accessed as text from the “Web.Got Text” event (where Web would be the name of your web component).
You can parse, explore, extract info from that responseContent, it is treated as regular text. So you can use the “contains (text, piece)” text function to look for a specific HTML tag, and then process the string as you need.

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This forum was not allowing me to add more than 2 links and so I could not add my “2” on my first thread. Hence, added it on my 2nd thread.

Anyway, I am really new with Thunkables and new to building Mobile Apps altogether. I only built a few with AppsGeyser. Therefore, if you do not mind, I’d appreciate it if you can do what you just advised and take a snap and upload the image so I can see how you did it. It would be a good learning curve for me. Plus, other newbies can learn from your img too.
I hope you understand.

Thanks again!


Like I told the other person, I’d appreciate any imgs of the codings so I can view it to get an idea what you mean. And so, any chance you can write your code and take a snap to upload it here so we total newbies can view it and learn from it to really understand what you exactly mean ?
I hope I’m not asking for too much. It’s hard to understand things when you’re totally new. I’m sure once I’ve got the hang of things and been practicing for a month or 2 then I won’t need to be held by the hand like this all the time.
I know you understand.


What other person?

Here is a snip from one of my application. It gets a web page with currency exchange rates and looks for the presence of a currency symbol, then look ahead for the tag that signals the numeric value that has to be extracted, with supplementary processing to remove those pesky comma separators for values about 1000 that were really messing up the processing.


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Thank you very much!
Is there a way you can upload the file here ? :slightly_smiling_face:
I will see if I can open the file in my account or not. Because, I see a lot of commands existing in the video tutorials and existing in your img and these commands do not exist in my account.

I attached a video clip here showing you what commands I got in my Thunkable Account and from it you will see I lack a lot of commands. How am I supposed to proceed when commands are missing ? Look at the commands in your img. Can you find all of them in my video ?


This is part of the complete commercial app PolyUnit that presently cannot even be compiled using the API 28 compiler, because said compiler is presently buggy (memory restriction).
Not only I consider it proprietary, but a mercilessly optimized 5 screen, 7000+ logic block application with half a dozen HTML files with Javascript is way beyond what a casual developer can cope with.

Sorry. I did not understand what you said.
Are you saying you are using a different compiler to mine ? Is that why I see I got different Commands than you and different to all the Video Tutorials I find on and youtube ?
If so, then why do I have a different one than all the rest of members here ? How to fix this issue ?

About the “other person”. I could have sworn I saw 2 people responding to this thread. Now rechecking I see only you. Strange!

Yes. I am using Thunkable CLASSIC. It is at

You are trying to use Thunkable X at

Two completely different environments.

So I have to re-signup at the new link you gave me ?
No way to just click a link and changeover from Edition to Edition ?

Did you EVEN try to access those links?

If you are registered (you simply log in with your gmail account) in one, you can access the other.
The path is different that is all; because it is a different program interface.

For someone claiming he will soon be called “super intelligent”, you do not exactly strike me as being very resourceful.

No. I did not bother.
But I am going to bother now. I am glad I got a dog to bite my backside. You know, dogs never let go. Aslong as I got you not letting me go and responding to my posts with inputs that help me then I’m ok with you biting my backside now and then. ; Lol!

But this is getting tedious.
I gave you links on how to learn programming.

Next question you have better show a minimum of effort or I will simply ignore it.
Got that?

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I’ve been playing around with the Classic for over an hour now. I need some indication. I will open another relevant thread.