How to add swipe down effect to refresh app page (works with Web View)



Hello @everyone :grinning:
Today i will show you how to add swipe down effect to refresh you Web View App.
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Let’s Add

  1. Vertical_Arrangement1
  2. Vertical_Scroll_Arrange1
  3. Web_Viewer1
  4. Clock
  5. Swipe Refresh ( DOWNLOAD )

Properties of Screen1

Properties of Vertical_Arrangement1

Properties of Vertical_Scroll_Arrange1

Properties of Web_Viewer1

Properties of Clock

Properties of Swipe Refresh



RESULT OF WORK :sunglasses:

Refresh (1).aia (346.3 KB)

White screen after adding refresh to swipe down
Pull to refresh
Swipe down feature

This looks great, thanks for sharing!


Thank You very much , glad you liked @Domhnall :grin:


nyc thanks for sharing…


Credits to @ColinTree for the extension


where is that refresh extensoin i didnt find that in thunkable_


Swipe Refresh DOWNLOAD


Very nice and must to have extension. But after using this extension, my screen turned to white (Blank) and after removing this extension and blocks, no problem at all. I had tested both “compressed” and “stable” versions . Please fix this problem.

How to refresh one screened app after clicking button etc?


it is not working perfect. first I cant scroll down in the web view. second, if i can scroll down , I will not be able to scroll up because it will keep refresh if I tried to go up the screen.


same cant scroll back to top. Any fix?


It is not working. The webview becomes visible only in 1-2 pixels(almost invisible). Using the extension makes the webview invisible