How to add media player playing bar and timer of sound? Example




Horizontal arrangement

Inside arrangement

left side - play/stop button

Middle - Slider component

right side - Slider component and a image component for the speaker image :slight_smile:


Blocks ???


Here you go @Haris_Ishaq :smiley:

It’s not very pretty though :stuck_out_tongue:



There must be the “CurrentPosition” block and not the “Duration” block attached to thumb.position


Thanks guys for the help. I am trying on instruction but this block is not joining



@Haris_Ishaq If you are going as per the blocks shown by @Nice_kode4 then you should use set Slider1.Thumb Position block and not the set Slider1.Thumb Enabled block (see the blocks in your above reply)


This is not working
Error showing in my app "Player must be in status playing or paused to be able to return the current position"
What should i do?


Hi there :slight_smile:

Make sure music is playing and have a media file to play :slight_smile:

If this does not work, then please post a picture of your blocks :slight_smile:



Here is the image



Hello :slight_smile:

I don’t see anything wrong in your blocks.
Have you made it possible to choose a song/source in the app?



I have already added song in taifun player1


I’m afraid that i can’t help you :confused:




you missed something:
after player start:
slider1 max = player duration

clock : always fires, Timerinterval:100 ms


Can you show me with blocks.



if anyone have this project aia file. plz send me. i need this. plz help me if anyone have project aia file. email- [email protected]
Thank you so much.


For the SeekBar/Slider you can use SliderTools

Two functions on one

Sorry my bad english :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: