How to add a Call button

I am new to thunkable, please guide me how to add a Call button.

When the button is clicked then the number associated with the button is dialed.

Please guide

Hope you find this quick example usefull:

For the Designer Block I add a Phone Call (you will finf it in the Social section of the Palette) and the rest of things in the User Interface section:

Sorry, I didn’t notice that you want to call the number that appears in a button. Here you have other example:

Captura de pantalla de 2020-01-04 18-54-49

Bro I tried but I didn’t find these blocks “set” and “call”

From where I can get these blocks.

Hi, @virdi.simranjit! :wave:

You must be using Thunkable X. If so, try reading this -

Thanks! :blush: