How Many screen Can I add in one app


Hey guys,

How Many screen can I add in single app, is there is limitation to add number of screen ,
and one more is there is any method to reduce a app size ?


You can add 10 screens
But you can also use layouts in one screen, and make it visible or not like a screen…


I want to create a aap where there will be more than 30 categories and each category will be connect to one screen if thukbale will not allow to add more than 10 screen how I can make this app
plz give solution for this


Hi @crazyzaheer,

Take a look at some of the tips here:

You probably don’t need as many screens as you think. Here’s another example where four “screens” are displayed on Screen1 using just arrangements:


see also tip 1



If all categories will be showing same kind of data, you can use only one additional screen (“Category”) and pass category name or some kind of category identifier as a start value to the screen, then display data from that category based on that start value of your screen.


How to make if the button A at screen 1 and the button B at screen 2, when the botton A or B one of them click, go to another screen ( screen 3 ),when screen3 open with botton A the vertical data1 is visible (True). And when screen 3 open with botton B the vertical data2 is visible (True) and vertical data1 is visible (False).
My questions are :
A. Do l need to useTiny DB to connect the screen and open the vertical data?
B. How to connect the screen with the db, give me a example block, please?



@crazyzaheer check this is my app i used 27 categories
First App In google play store Big thanks to all of you

whole app made at 1 screen may be it will helpful you
Sir @Domhnall tutorial Tips to reduce number of Screens and Components in your Apps
is very helpful to reduce your elements it’s also help to your app run fast instead of using multiple screen.


Nice app ,
How many screen you have added,


You don’t need a DB but only to pass a value with this block _20180310_083231
Then use “if” to set what you want to see in your screen. For DB rules I don’t know, find in community or read manual on line on thunkable.


Thanks for your reply, l will try it…


Hi @gurmeet I have seen your app and like it ,
i am also making a app which have 30 categories, I like your categories icon, can you suggest me how you make this icon and which software you have used to make this icon


i design that all in coreldraw. you can use illustrator, coreldraw, photoshop any of these